Welcome to our updated website!  Palm Aire United is an umbrella organization that consists of the many associations that comprise the Palm Aire community.  We have a Board of dedicated, hard-working residents whose goal is to provide the best and the most for least amount of money to our members.

In the past we have provided beneficial projects that both enhanced our area and were also monetarily beneficial.

We are currently working on providing semi-bulk internet and wi-fi service to all associations at a greatly reduced rate.  Palm Aire United has also worked hand-in-hand with the City of Pompano Beach on landscaping and beautification projects. We recently worked with Club Links in providing new directional signage. 

We have arranged for many shops, stores, restaurants and service organizations to provide you, as a member of our community, with a Member Discount.  You are recognized by vendors as a valued member of the Palm Aire community with a Palm Aire United Keytag. If you do not have a keytag for your keychain, please contact your association president or management office. We have listed participating vendors on our  "Merchants Discount List”.

The Board is looking forward to providing the best available services to the Palm Aire community. 

Yours sincerely,

Angela Curtin


Board of Directors